A new year brings new years resolutions, most of which have short lives. This blog is not about new years resolutions. This is about something much deeper and more profound. I’m talking about a Lifestyle Change

Man looking at a sunset with arms wide open, text on the image says "lifestyl change ... it's time!"

I’m talking about a change that encompasses all facets of your life. How often have you thought to yourself, if I could only _______? Whether its work or everyday routines, our physical and mental well being are the underlying drives that makes us tick.

So how are you doing – are you the best ‘you’, you could be? I know I’m not, so I have a few suggestions…

It’s Time to be Aware & to be Informed!

It’s Time to be aware of the food we’re eating. Firstly, we must be aware of what is actually ‘in’ and what is happening to the food we eat. Our society tends to eat a lot of processed or convenience food. This is contributing to many of the health and well-being issues that we see in ourselves and around us.  Secondly, we need be aware of how our bodies react to the results of all that processing and especially those additives.

It’s Time for a Change!

I suggest it’s time we change the way we think about our food. So the first step is to educate ourselves about the quality of the food we choose. I propose that we shift away from highly processed and convenience foods, to real wholesome foods that have a shelf life counted in days not months or even years! Yes, this will probably require some determination and planning, however, the benefits will definitely speak for themselves!

It’s Time to be Intentional about Lifestyle Change!

Lasting change will happen when we are intentional about the changes we seek. Yet, these changes won’t happen by themselves or by chance. Rather, a lifestyle change centers around new, mindful habits. Consequently, we will need to form these mindful habits! Forming new habits will require some determination. It will also require some determination to break some of the bad or mindless habits one small step at a time. It is likely those mindless habits that have us in the less-than-desirable shape we’re in. It’s time to do something about it!

It’s Time to be Mindful & to Believe in Ourselves!

Finally, I think it’s time to be intentionally mindful of our health. We need to be delightfully conscious of our well-being, both physical and mental. This means reassessing our priorities. Surrounding ourselves with positive energies, focusing on the factors that will bring about the lasting changes we seek. That… will bring… Lifestyle Change.

Come join us, we’re…

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